See what an Action Movie Star does to be Healthy all the Time

Actress Danai Gurira from the hit TV Show The Walking Dead is one of the creative and more fit women cast of the popular show. Just like her colleague Alanna Masterson. The video shows how she does here action moves while she uses her katana(a sword similar to a samurai) with finesse and complete control.
She was also interviewed by Conan. In the interview she said that in one of her action scene, she killed 24 Walkers which takes a lot of physical activity. She said that that scene she was only allowed to kill 8 walkers because it will cost more money if she kills more. But because of her creativity and energy she ended up killing 24 walkers which the director kind of said, yeah ok.

In the video it also mentioned about how danai stays fit. She stays fit by keep on exercising on every moment that she can. She does a lot of stationary exercises like push ups, sit ups and squats. She follows Jillian Miichael’s workouts and in fact she keeps her DVDs in her trailer.
She also loves pilates and admit that she screams on those exercises that she finds really hard. She also advices to exercise every time and wherever you can.

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