How to get your body Relaxed & Healed

Your body is full of pains and aches that are all telling you different things. When you go to the doctor, you’re told it’s because of this, or that, but all you’re given is some pain medications and you’re sent on your way. While that’s all well and good for short term issues, you need to start looking at alternative options for the pain, specifically, you need to find the cause of the pain itself, not just stick a band aid on it. In terms of diagnosis and pain treatment/management, you should look at something like diagnostic massage and/or MRT to help you find some relief from the pain and determine the cause of it, too. Here’s all you need to know about these alternative therapies.

remedial massage myofacial release

myofascial release therapy and massage

Remedial Massage
This is a special kind of massage that is designed to help you alleviate pain, the most common is back pain and tension in our muscles that is caused by stress, injury, wear and tear, etc. It is beneficial in both children and adults, and often makes the quality of life better whether it is used regularly or just once in a while.

Specifically speaking, this type of massage is good for those who are suffering from anxiety or stress. The working of the muscles releases tension that builds up in the body from stress. Endorphins are released – happy hormones – and the stress causing one, cortisol, is reduced. This is often why you feel so relaxed and lazy after a massage: it’s from all of the happiness flowing around your body.

This massage can be used, too, to strengthen your joints and make them more malleable in all that you do. This makes it beneficial for pregnant women, dancers, movie action star and other athletes who are looking to make their sports as active as possible with a strong body.

Remedial is so different from traditional massage therapies because it is targeted to whatever problem you are having. It is intended to help the person in pain find a solution through specific massage techniques in order to find relief and a treatment schedule and plan that can really help them out in the long term.

Myofascial Release Technique(MRT)
This is a kind of treatment that is not well known about in the world in which we operate today, but it is one that can give a lot of relief and positive outcomes to those suffering from different kinds of pain.

First of all, MRT is used to treat the fascia, parts of the face and chin that become tensed and need relief. It is similar, in theory, to massage, where the fascia are manipulated and maneuvered to release the tension in them to give you relief from tension and physical stress in the muscles. This is all in theory, however, and it actually is rather different from massage.

MRT is done by specialists who deliberately will learn where the restrictions and tension in the fascia are and then work to release it. It can be a long process, as the fascia are very tight and cannot be manipulated with the ease of massage therapy.
If someone is suffering from a condition such as fibromyalgia, MRT is something that can often make the difference in terms of quality of life. Tension and restrictions that are released with this kind of treatment helps to treat other painful conditions that people have.

How do these help?
Both of these kinds of treatments are intended for those who are suffering from tension and restriction in the muscles of their body. This is an alternative to medicine and other severe treatments that often are not helpful in the long term. Remedial and MRT are both fantastic options for those who are looking to improve their quality of life in natural ways that allow them to live medication-free or at least with reduced dosages.

Both of these kinds of treatments are popular with professional athletes and those who are looking to make the most out of their bodies in terms of their potential. They can improve the quality of life for those who are always in pain and can make the difference between comfort and not for those who are trying to recuperate from some problem or another.

Simply put, remedial and MRT and intended as natural treatment options for those who are looking to try these kinds of methods before going directly to medication. It is a practice that many professionals do – from actors to athletes – and is recommended for anyone who is curious about alternative therapies that are all about making the most out of the body that you have, from top to bottom, and everything in between.

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