A Popular Character after gaining weight was body shamed

Famous celebrity actor/actress Alanna Masterson of the Walking Dead TV Series was fat shamed at the beginning of Season 7, specially during the airing of the scene where she ended up at the oceanside. The Walking Dead scene was focused on her washing up on the shore and was found by Cyndie(Sydney Park) and Rachel(Mimi Kirkland). Rachel was going to kill her because she was following what they have been taught but Cyndie stopped her which saved Tara’s life. In this episode, it was obvious that Alanna have gained weight. But unknowns to many that she gave birth before filming Season 7.

Yes i think she needs to relax and heal. But the thing is she didn’t waited to long to get back to the set and start shooting her lines again even though she just had a baby. This just shows her dedication to the show. People sometimes are silly, they are quick to judge what they see from their eyes without realizing what is happening underneath of it all. Alanna went to instagram, posted a picture of her daugther and wrote something back to the trolls and haters.

From that i think it kind of stopped the trolls and everything went back to normal. There will always be haters no matter who you are but alanna showed toughness by writing that badass reply to the haters. Good on you Alanna! You are a beautiful Woman!

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