To Lower Your Relative Mass You Don’t Have To Be So Active

When you had a quick look at the title of this video, you will kind of disagree straightaway but quickly recover thinking let me see what this is all about. But yes according to the obesity researcher Diana Thomas a Professor at Montclair State University, yes if you want to lose weight exercise is not really important. But don’t get her wrong, she said exercises are very important in maintaining a good health and weight loss is another thing.

I think for me personally this is so true. Common sense shows you that if you eat little, you lose weight. People that are overweight and obese eat too much for what their body can burn. I remember following a diet of ketogenic, mind you, ketogenic diet is eating lots of fats. So i was following this diet and in only 1 month time i lost lots of weight. I forgot exactly how much i lost but people around me are congratulating me for losing weight! I was wow! Ok this is what i felt during that 1 month. I never felt hungry and i only ate breakfast and or late lunch. But each meal i put lot’s of butter or cream on whatever it is. And next thing you know i look very skinny.

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