Renowned Nutritionist said that this highly demanded product are NOT Healthy

Here you go you think avocado spread is good for you? Here is a top UK Nutritionist tell us that it is not good for you.
Well, what she really is talking about is those avocado spreads that you buy from food marts similar to wall marts.
These avocado spreads are not homemade, but they are the manufactured type.

When they did a testing of their ingredients, they found out that they more not so good oils on them and other ingredients than the avocado oils themselves. Yup typical manufactured version.

The best to do she said is to just buy your avocados and smash them yourselves to the toasted bread. This will guarantee you that there will be no other ingredients that are not healthy that you will consume on your meal. Or maybe just go to your local shop who still makes sandwiches and ask them or direct them on how to exactly make your avocado sandwich. Make sure to eat health as much as you can, even if you are on the go and have a hectic life. Have a healthy day!

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